Estate planning takes but a few hours, yet its effects will last beyond your lifetime. Give yourself and loved ones that peace-of-mind. Contact us now to start the process.


  • Wills pass assets at death.
  • Wills direct who will be left in charge of your stuff and distribute it
  • Wills do not avoid probate.
  • Trusts can avoid probate
  • Trusts can allow you control of your assets and that your wises are carried out even after you die.
  • There are ways to avoid probate without a trust.

Knowing where to start is daunting.  We’ll help you figure it out and understand it.  Have you decided who will get your assets, how they will get them and when?

Who will you leave in charge of distributing you assets, and over what period of time?

Do you want to restrict access to your assets or how they are to be used?  Are your assets subject to probate expenses?

Do you even know what probate is?

Are you worried that family members may waste or squander assets you leave them?

Do you want to protect loved ones from themselves, spouses and creditors?

A thorough and caring analysis will be conducted to ensure your wishes, desires and assets will be managed the way YOU want even after you pass.  In the process, you may save your family members tens of thousands of dollars in probate expenses, while giving yourself peace-of-mind, which is priceless.