Estate planning takes but a few hours, yet its effects will last beyond your lifetime. Give yourself and loved ones that peace-of-mind. Contact us now to start the process.


Bryan is motivated by an enthusiasm and compassion to help you and your family achieve retirement peace-of-mind in the areas of finances, taxes, estate planning and legal concerns, while simultaneously lessening your stress and anxiety regarding the unknown.  He will listen to what you wish to achieve, and help you attain it.  His process starts with explaining and educating you on the choices you face in obtaining your goals.  No matter what needs or goals you and your family have, he’ll engage in thoughtful and purposeful conversation for your specific needs.  Once you understand the myriad of financial, tax and legal choices available, and pitfalls to avoid, he will help you make confident and informed decisions, which will lead to designing and implementing a personalized plan and strategic solutions.

He knows from experience that going through this process will help to enrich and enhance many other aspects of your life, as you will experience order, organization, certainty and clarity like never before.  He does everything within his power to ensure your dreams aren’t interrupted by unintended consequences which proper planning could have prevented.

Bryan was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. He got his start selling cans of soda at his local tennis court for 10 cents when he was just seven years old.  That success and tenacity led him to work as a newspaper boy, a janitor and many other odd jobs throughout his high school years to earn money for college.  Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bryan graduated magna cum laude from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  He worked at the Norman Rockwell Museum of Art in Philadelphia before attending Rutgers University School of Law in New Jersey.  He graduated with a distinction in Federal Income Taxation, and passed both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bar exams right out of law school.  He served as in-house counsel for a metropolitan Philadelphia hospital before entering private practice, where he concentrated on business and health care litigation.

After moving to Florida, Bryan worked for two major financial firms locally. While he doesn’t wish to repeat his experiences with those firms, he did learn the ins and outs of Wall Street firms.  Their customer practices do not always put your interests first.

Bryan serves not only as an attorney over your legal concerns, having passed the Florida bar and being admitted to practice law in Florida, but also as a steward over your financial needs as a fiduciary.

He is concerned with protecting and preserving your personal rights, interests, assets and legacy, as well as those of your family and business. With a combined 27 years experience as both an attorney and licensed financial and insurance professional, he strives to ensure that you receive comprehensive retirement and estate planning advice, so you will not face the challenges that life often brings; both those we know about and those that are unexpected surprises.

He’ll work with you to design and implement strategic solutions for a financial, tax and legal plan that fulfills your retirement goals and your rights to self-determination, while maintaining your dignity.  He will see that he preserves your wishes, goals and desires, so they can be carried out both while you are alive and after your passing.  His planning also focuses on caring for your family.

Come talk to him.  Have a different conversation and experience that can change your life for the better, forever, as well as those you love.